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Network Support

Few businesses nowadays can function without their IT systems. Computer network maintenance and computer support are vital to maintaining your business’s stability as problems can be not only expensive but damaging to the business. Something as simple as an unexpected hard disk failure on your server could cause days of down time while it is replaced. Couple this with inadequate backup solution and your business could be at serious risk.

That is why we maintain close relationships with our clients so that we can resolve problems quickly and effectively, minimising any impact on your business.

Our network support solutions are designed to ensure that your IT systems are maintained effectively and run optimally. Our innovative ProActive network monitoring system warns us of potential problems before they become critical, so we can deal with them proactively. A remote access facility also allows us to respond quickly to support issues and resolve them often without having to visit your office.

Our support solutions are both comprehensive and flexible. We support the majority of systems and applications that small businesses use and include devices such as network printers, firewalls and other network peripherals. If you have bespoke systems or third party applications we can work with your other suppliers as necessary to resolve any issues.  We can also act as your 'first point of contact' to avoid conflicts between suppliers and ensure that problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

If your IT systems do not need a regular support agreement we can also provide 'Pay As You Go' support if this is more appropriate.

To find out if you would benefit from our ProActive network monitoring, or having your computer network protected by one of our tailored support solutions, why not find out more about our Computer Network Health Check

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