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Just how much do you rely on your business computer network?

Today’s small business owners often rely on their IT systems more than they realise, and to such an extent that their business would suffer significantly if it suddenly went wrong. The slightest glitch, if not prevented or resolved immediately, could potentially cost huge amounts in lost business.

It’s very easy to imagine the various disaster scenarios:

Your network connections fail and nobody can access the server... grinds to a halt.
Your broadband or email system goes down...
...customers can’t contact you or place orders.
Your server’s hard disk fails because nobody checks it regularly...
...chaos ensues while it is replaced and the data restored.
Horror of horrors, the data wasn’t backed up... would you cope if you permanently lost all the data on your server?

Network Services and Computer Support

Pendle Connections can help you with all of this and more, ensuring your IT is no longer one of the worries you have to contend with on a daily basis. We are a small local business that understands the concerns of other small local businesses when it comes to the cost of installing and supporting your business’s computer network.

Is your server running efficiently?  Would you know if your server had a virus infection, failed backups or an imminent disk failure?
Is all your data backed up and stored securely?
Do you need secure remote access to all your data and applications?
Do you want to learn more about cloud computing and its potential benefits and drawbacks without all the marketing hype?
What would happen if it suddenly all went wrong – are you prepared?

We offer a comprehensive computer network health check covering your PCs, network server, backup, firewall, etc.

We explain everything clearly in plain english with direct references to how they affect your business.  So you can make informed decisions on what action to take.

Business computer network health check

Or, if you're looking to install a new business computer network, or maybe expand an existing one, we'll happily come and give you a FREE 1 hour consultation to help you design a computer network that will grow at the same rate as your business ambitions.

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